Allow Your Visitors To Make Real Time Offers

Import your products, set the minimum price your willing to accept, activate the widget, and let the sales fly! No more setting by live chat to sell below MSRP plus avoid M.A.P Violations!

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A Few Features You May Like!

We wanted to list out just a few of our top features & benefits for you here. More to come soon that you'll love!

Bigcommerce MaO App - Avoid MAP Violations

Avoid M.A.P Violations

Minimum Advertised Pricing  is a strict rule that most suppliers uphold, doesn't mean you can't sell below it, MaO App helps you follow the rules!

Bigcommerce Make An Offer App - Easy Setup

Easy Setup & Install

We have built MaO App with a vision from the start to make it as  easy as possible to install & get it up and running quickly. We hope you enjoy it!

Bigcommerce Make An Offer App - Import Products

Import Your Products

You can import all or just the ones you want to use with the app. You make the call. We make it easy to get them in there so you can control it! 

Bigcommerce Make An Offer App - Automate Your Sales

Automate Your Sales

With MaO app installed and running you will no longer need to set by live chat or email to cut deals with visitors! MaO will automate your life & pocket!

Bigcommerce Make An Offer App - Complete Price Control

Minimum Price Control

You can set the product discount level by category or on a per product level.  Can set an entire category by % amount. It will reduce and set the price for you!

Auto Accept & Checkout

Visitors will get real time acceptance or decline notifications as they make the offer. If accepted they can checkout in real time no waiting!

Bigcommerce Make An Offer App - Automate Your Sales

Multiple Item Checkout

The app, unlike others, will keep a running total so visitors can buy multiple offer items at one visit. Normally in Bigcommrce thats not possible, now you can.

Bigcommerce Make An Offer App - Complete Price Control

Top Notch Support

We focus heavily on our users and helping them use the app to sell more products. Whether it is email, chat, or by phone let us know how we can help you!

0% Transaction Fees, Ever

We will tell you now that MaO will never charge our users, or in our book, punish you for being successful. We don't care why others do it, but we will not!

What Others Are Saying

Must Have App To Automate

"We simply couldn't compete with larger companies until we found MaO app. Now we set the price we are willing to accept and done. Wake up to sales!! Love it!

Mike DelToro - Owner

Cray Boy Automotive

Unreal Easy & Sales Booster

"We were using another app that claimed to work but nothing like this one. Plus these guys don't charge a per transaction fees at all!

Ron Ballard - Marketing Director

Hunting Madness

Hell Yeah!!!! Booyah!

"We were using an offer app, if you call it that, and they charged us way too much for being successful. MaO App delivers a better app, and NO Bullshit TRANSACTION FEES!

Tony Carter - CEO

Military Tackle Gear

Great App, Easy To Install

"Being technical is not a strong suit of ours. We followed their guide to installing the MaO app and it worked great! Thanks for the ease of installing and the results.

Ron Johnson - Owner

Mens Wedding Bands

Simple Pricing, No Transaction Fees, Ever!

We have said since the beginning, we will never punish our users for selling more. It's the point of the app after all.

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per month
100 Accepted Offers
1000 Offer Attempts
200 Total Products
Email, Phone & Chat Support
14 Day Free Trial



per month
1000 Accepted Offers
5000 Offer Attempts
500 Total Products
Email, Phone & Chat Support
14-Day Free Trial



per month
Unlimited Accepted Offers
Unlimited Offer Attempts
Unlimited Total Products
Email, Phone & Chat Support
14-Day Free Trial

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required?

Nope sure isn't. We have confidence in our app and how it can help you. We give you a FREE 14 Day Trial now with no Credit Card required. Create An Account, Login and get started setting it up today. Any questions, let us know.

Is there code that needs installed?

Yes, there currently are two code snippets that have to be installed but we made it easy, easy to install so you don't have to put them in a highly technical location. The product.html for the widget and cart.html for auto checkout. We are here if you need any assistance at all.

How do we reach you for support?

We have made support super easy. Inside the app you'll see a little bubble in bottom right that links you directly to us. We are on line majority of the day and some evening shifts. We will do our absolute best to respond quickly!

Is the app in Bigcommerce App Store?

Since V2 has been released it has been submitted to Bigcommerce for single click app approval to be listed, so we are hoping we hear back soon on the approval. It is currently live and ready for Legacy API setup which you can use right now.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not currently offer any discounts,  specials or anything like that. Let me explain why. We do not (nor will we ever) charge you transaction fees like others trying to mimic MaO app. We think it's insane to punish users on transaction fees when the app was built to help you sell more. Simply doesn't make sense.

So do you all keep the app growing?

Yes for sure, we are adding a section in the admin where we can keep our users up to date on what is in progress, what's coming, and any new feature request we decide to take on as part of the app development,
We hope you get involved in giving us feedback on what you would like to see added.

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